Hora Somni

neurological evidences

Anonymous asked: slime like you doesn't belong in service profession like medicine.

is this my director pimping me on tumblr too

Anonymous asked: Who would want you as a doctor


Anonymous asked: Lots of people hate you. And your ducked up parents.

if you live near me(I think you do, considering the fact that you ‘know’ my parents) come up to my face and say this, ass.

I am willing to waste my time to educate you on how to live a better life

Lana’s West Coast be gooooood

kinda tired of you obsessing over that teenager

Anonymous asked: Is medical school lonely?

I think it could be, I think it is sometimes. I actually never thought about this before.

when you’re surrounded by other student doctors it never really feels that way, but when I come home my thoughts about all the things I saw and learned feel pretty lonely in a sense that I am not willing to share much with others.